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Adina Beth is an Evidential Psychic Medium, born and raised in Phoenix Arizona,


a short drive from the majestic Sedona vortex. She resides in North Scottsdale, married for over 30 years and has two grown children.

Adina Beth started her spiritual journey at a very young age. Looking back, she realized her subconscious was not just thoughts. Over the past 20 years her calling became more and more evident. Upon years of self development, she took the time to really listen to Spirit and was able to develop a strong connection with the spirit world. As her abilities grew, she was able to not only get audio messages (Clairaudience), but also taste (Clairvoyance), smell (Clairscent), and get physical feelings (Clairsentience). Being able to use these gifts have given her clients confidence in the messages being given from their passed loved ones.   


In March of 2018, she received devastating news; she was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. After a long summer of chemotherapy, breast surgery, and radiation, she is now on the road to recovery and has stayed positive throughout this tough journey. The nature of this diagnosis was a time for reaching deep into self growth and allowing herself to find her purpose again.


             “I now know why I had to go through a devastating health issue.”

It’s one more way she would connect with her clients allowing her to be more empathetic to others devastating situations they may have gone through.

“Cancer sucks, but I was blessed with the most amazing family. Viewing illness, such as cancer, in a whole new light will only help me to be more understanding with my clients.”

About Adina Beth - Wedding

…she took the time to really listen to Spirit and was able to develop a strong connection to the spirit world.

For the last 28 years, Adina Beth focused on raising her family and was extremely busy with her children and children’s sporting activities. When they became older and were more independent, she received the calling once again to deliver messages from beyond to those here on earth who needed love, light and only positive messages.

Adina Beth always had the desire to teach and a strong love for helping children. She works with children in many capacities and majored in education while in college. Because of her passion for working with children, she has a natural affinity to help those who have lost a child. Lessening a parent’s grief gives Adina Beth a sense of fulfillment, knowing that she is able to help bring some peace to those very sensitive situations. Having been through a loss of her own, great empathy and compassion can be felt by her clients. After a reading, her clients can feel confident they will leave feeling like a huge weight has been lifted.

Would you like to experience inner peace again, to hear messages from your loved ones?

Messages Adina Beth receives are brought to you with only love and light.

These messages are meant to encourage, guide and be a positive insight.

Adina Beth
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