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Mary F.

“My husband and I had a reading together. Both of us received messages from family members. The reading helped with closure. Adina was able to correlate our current experiences and feelings with past experiences with our family members from beyond.”


Lisa S.

“I was skeptical but after my reading today, I definitely am not anymore.. Adina was right on the money with everything.. I didn’t understand the peacock feathers but I do now… definitely give it try, well worth it…”

Donna B.

“…I wanted to reach my son and we did and I liked how she kept asking for more validation. A mention of a skateboard was amazing cuz he love it for years. That info is no where to seen. She said he comes to you at times as a small brown bird on your patio. I had never seen one but when I went outside there was a small brown feather… I will connect again �”

Image by Raychan

Laci Re'nee P.

“…Every thing that came to her was all actuate down to a T!!! She is very blessed and gifted if you are looking for a reading to get in touch with past family she is one hell of a good medium! …Thank you so much you have made my whole year plus some!”

Melina G.

“…she was able to let me communicate with my mother and grandma. She was right on with many things and everything she said made sense to me and was validated as well. …She has put me at ease finally with my mother’s passing and I feel like I can finally let go. Thank you so much Adina and I would highly recommend her to anyone. U will not be disappointed whatsoever.”

Linda S.

“Adina Is the best at what she does. God truly blessed her with her ability. She was 110 percent right on. She talked to me about a dear family member and was correct on all aspects. She really touched my heart and soul, I am so glad that she brought me piece of mind. I am so honered to have been able to speak with her…All i can say is thank you…”

Image by Raychan

Natasha K.

“I feel very fortunate that I had a chance to speak with Adina. I contacted her because I was having a hard time dealing with the loss of my father. She has a very warm personality and has listened to me with great empathy. She answered all the questions I had about the things that bothered me and I feel so much better after our conversation knowing that my Dad is happy and at peace. I can’t thank her enough for this experience and I highly recommend her!”

Paula K.

“Adina helped me connect with my mother and grandmother. Her spirit was warm and she was easy to talk to. She relayed some really spot on things that she could never have guessed and gave me comfort I haven’t felt for awhile. We shared tears and I know she felt for me and I know she felt the love of my family as well. Knowing my mom is “around” and doing alright and that she agrees with a lot of the choices I made for her in the end and that she knows I was with her when she passed means the world to me. You can’t put a price on that. I will touch base with Adina again in the future for sure!”

Lisa G. 

“…I know my Pops is still with me but there are moments that I doubt and wonder if I’m just imagining things to make myself feel better. After speaking with Adina I have zero doubt that he is indeed with me. She validated several things that nobody knows but my Pops and I. The pain of loss just a year after his death by suicide is still very raw and real but being able to hear from him and knowing he’s still looking out for me eases the pain.”

  • What is an evidential psychic medium (EPM)?
    A Psychic will use extrasensory perception (ESP) giving their clients info not available to one’s mines in a traditional way. Psychics will use telepathy and intuition to receive information. Understanding , a psychic is not a Medium.
  • How long is an initial session with Adina Beth?
    An initial meeting is untimed. Taking into consideration from past experience a reading lasting longer than two hours can become overwhelming to the client. Adina Beth’s pricing is based on an approximation of two hours. Additional fee will be applied if session runs past two hours. Adina Beth is really passionate about wanting to give the client as much information as spirit allows so two hours is usual, but may run over.
  • What can I expect in a reading?
    All readings are very different. Come with an open mind. Expectations of who (such as a specific spirit) you may want to come through and bring you messages are not always what the Spirit world knows you need to hear. The messages brought from spirit is to help you to move forward with positivity and confidence. A lot of personal information will be validated, therefore you are leaving knowing the passed love one was with you during the session.
  • What do I need to do to prepare for my reading with Adina Beth?
    The beauty of a reading is to come with an open mind and not have any expectations or preparation’s needed to hear from a loved one. It is suggested to mentally “talk” to the past loved one you are interested in hearing from. Always keeping in mind, there are no guarantees of the energy that may come through.
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